The M25 and all the other motorways across the UK are experiencing heavy traffic this evening due to the mass exodus the first day of the Summer holidays usually brings. We have experienced balmy, Mediterraean type weather that we cannot cope with. For some reason, just like Fish & Chips, a good cup of tea, Sunday lunch, beer, the weather always feature so heavily in a British person’s daily chatter – it’s either too damp, too wet, too cold, too icy, and now far too hot. We just do not deal well with extremes.
Yet the weather, providing we are organised – hydrate, sunglasses, loose clothing, sun screen and shade – brings with it a different kind of life-style. Eating “al fresco” is a joy – we stay out in the open air for much longer, we take the time to be more sociable. We tend to venture further afield in our own country, and goodness how we forget just how beautiful our green and pleasant land actually is. Perhaps not so green, more sunkissedy. Whether we want to roam rolling hills and mountains, or disappear to quiet beach hideaways, it really is time to make the most of what Great Britain has to offer. How many people have travelled abroad over the month only to return regretting they had been away.
And as the days get hotter, businesses thrive – it’s great to see local businesses doing so well – from local pubs to cafes to restuarants and delis – the weather builds up the economy. The holiday season came early for them and hopefully it lasts long into the Autumn.
For some the Summer it is a time to stop and reflect, focus more on family, less on work. it is nice to take the time to relax and unwind before having to regroup and go back to work again; there appears to be a change in how we spend our summers. Is the UK becoming more like our European counterparts? Technology means we can work anywhere in the World and no longer need to be tied to our desks. As August approaches and many European countries close for the whole Summer, everyone just seeems to disappear; one of the best times to explore Rome (if you can bear the heat) is August, as the Romans head for the mountains and the coast, tourists amble around the empty City which suddenly belongs to them.
With another heatwave set to hit the UK next week, we need to make sure that we make the most of it, because before we know it the nights will draw in and we will all be longing for those long Summer days.