Advanced Property Management





  • Advanced Property Management

    This course is suited for Property Managers who need to further cement their knowledge and expertise. The probability of coming up against issues that need a solution and it is the Property Manager's responsibility to ensure that a solution to whatever the crisis may be. The content focuses on the Skill Set of the Property Manager, the Legislation relating to Landlord & Tenant Law and the tools required to resolve situations that can sometimes be relatively challenging.

    Next Available Course is on 25/09/2018 in Hoddesdon

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  • Block Management

    The key to block management is exceptional organisational skills and an in-depth understanding of legislation, customer service and meeting the clients’ expectations.So what is Block Management? It is the management of a group or groups of “units”, usually flats or apartments where shared services and facilities are provided for the benefit of the leaseholders in the block. This comprehensive one-day course shows you how to start up and run a successful block management company. The course provides guidance on block management and the administration of blocks; we will deal with section 20 consultation, managing all matters relating to service charges and other essential processes.Delegates will be given guidance on how to create a bespoke service to suit clients’ specific requirements – we will provide you with a comprehensive Service Level Agreement, the terms of which can be tailored to each individual client. The course will give delegates the confidence they need to provide a block management service of quality.

    Next Available Course is on 03/10/2018 in Birmingham

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