Advanced Property Management





  • Advanced Property Management

    This course is suited for Property Managers who need to further cement their knowledge and expertise. The probability of coming up against issues that need a solution and it is the Property Manager's responsibility to ensure that a solution to whatever the crisis may be. The content focuses on the Skill Set of the Property Manager, the Legislation relating to Landlord & Tenant Law and the tools required to resolve situations that can sometimes be relatively challenging.

    Next Available Course is on 25/09/2018 at the Hoddesdon

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  • Block Management

    The key to block management is exceptional organisational skills and an in-depth understanding of legislation, customer service and meeting the clients’ expectations.So what is Block Management? It is the management of a group or groups of “units”, usually flats or apartments where shared services and facilities are provided for the benefit of the leaseholders in the block. This comprehensive one-day course shows you how to start up and run a successful block management company. The course provides guidance on block management and the administration of blocks; we will deal with section 20 consultation, managing all matters relating to service charges and other essential processes.Delegates will be given guidance on how to create a bespoke service to suit clients’ specific requirements – we will provide you with a comprehensive Service Level Agreement, the terms of which can be tailored to each individual client. The course will give delegates the confidence they need to provide a block management service of quality.

    Next Available Course is on 13/11/2018 at the Bristol

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  • Day to Day Letting & the Law

    An exceptionally valuable course that provides attendees with an overview of Legislation and processes which impact all letting agents. The course is beneficial to those who have been in the industry a while and require a refresher or to someone who feels they require a stronger foundation in their role. The content covers Contract Law, Law of Agency, the Consumer Rights Act 2015, the Immigration Act 2016, general Landlord & Tenant Law, service of notice, in particular the Deregulation Act 2015 changes upon the section 21 notice (Form 6A); discussion focuses on how best to avoid the negligence and errors during the day to day running of a Letting Agency.

    Next Available Course is on 19/09/2018 at the Southampton

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  • Introduction to Lettings & Management

    This introductory course is a must for anyone starting a career in Residential Lettings & Management. The general aim of Introductory Courses is to provide a clear introduction to the principles and practice of lettings & management. The trainer leads delegates through a variety of topics that provide the learners with a strong foundation and the confidence to do their job well. The course covers the following :- Terms of Business, Law of Agency, Landlord Obligations, the Property to be Let, Tenant Referencing, the Immigration Act, Contracts and Contract Law, Key Documents, Viewings

    Next Available Course is on 11/09/2018 at the London

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  • Inventories, Deposits & Disputes

    Our inventory training programme was created to provide those carrying out inventories with a strong knowledge base about the private rented sector and guidance on how the inventory process plays such an integral part of renting property. The trainer leads delegates through the different methods which are currently used by inventory clerks and agents to put together an inventory report. The course also focuses on the legislation a clerk needs to be aware of (tenancy deposit protection, health, and safety regulations) as well as practical guidance on how to execute an inventory report, check-in and check-out reports. The course will deal with the way in which dispute resolution is dealt with and illustrates how an inventory can assist with minimising disputes. Delegates will be provided with an in-depth overview of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and how the inventory and other related processes affect dispute resolution. Preparing professional inventories • How to record and describe information accurately • Carrying out the property check-in • The role of the inventory clerk • Preparing for and carrying out tenancy check-outs • Reporting dilapidations, damage to landlord and tenant • Dealing with deposit disputes • Rules and guidance for depreciation & fair wear & tear • Deposit resolution • Alternative Dispute Resolution • Understanding tenancy deposit protection – housing act 2004 & localism act 2011 • Safety matters visual risk assessment • Tools of the trade used to execute professional inventories.

    Next Available Course is on 09/10/2018 at the Birmingham

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  • Workshop – Future Proofing Your Letting Business (PM Session)

    An exceptional workshop. This afternoon session deals with reflecting on current business practices, highlighting Unique Selling Points, discussing the Proposed Tenant Fee Ban and the details that one must consider when planning for change. All delegates will be in receipt of an Action Plan which will benefit change management due...

    Next Available Course is on 07/11/2018 at the Bristol

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  • Workshop – Legal Letting Updates & Compliance (AM Session)

    Topics covered - Deregulation Act 2015 and Form 6A (formerly section 21) GDPR 2018 Immigration Act 2016 HMO Regulations Tenant Fee Ban The workshop starts at 9.00 am Total Continuous Professional Development - 3.5 Hours

    Next Available Course is on 18/09/2018 at the Southampton

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